Fully Managed Outsourced Finance Team in Austin, TX

I work with a very select group of successful service companies. My clients appreciate the financial consulting around big-picture strategy and trust the cohesive, streamlined systems I set up which make it easy for them to send invoices, analyze reports, pay taxes, and make critical decisions.

I represent a fully managed outsourced finance team including CEO support and all controller and back office activities. I provide executives with accurate and insightful financial information to facilitate informed decision making and scalable back-office operations to support business growth.

To understand more about my specific services, you can read more about hiring me for outsourced business planning and reporting.

If you are a business owner of a small to mid-size company who would like to have a clear picture of your financials and have control over your systems, feel free to contact me for an initial consultation.


“Making decisions at the speed of business is a competitive edge, and Johanna provides that edge. She works not only with your data but the context of your business goals to align financials with the best trade-offs for moving forward to grow revenue.”

Don Dalyrmple

Owner, Executive Consultant

“I will keep on recommending Ms. Johanna E Kimball CPA to friends and colleagues. Ms. Kimball is extremely good, and God bless her always and forever!”

Andi Sarwal

C/O Laxi Sarwal

“I have the utmost faith in her opinions in regards to personal and commercial accounting and tax issues as she always answers with such clarity and comprehension, a rarity in many service-based industries.

My recommendation still holds: Highly recommended.”

Joe McCaan


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